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The Eco-Res Approach


Whilst our inspiration has been drawn from North America, we have also taken lessons from the past. Using simple yet flexible layouts, we have created modular open planned space of amazing elasticity which can accommodate a multitude of uses and plan arrangements.

This has then been imaginatively combined with the use of natural low energy, low-cost systems allowing us to efficiently heat, cool, ventilate and illuminate our buildings economically and sustainably.

By adopting the principles of ‘Sustainable by Design’ and employing tried and tested methods using our ‘Whole System Thinking’ values and ‘Lean Design’ approach, we continually strive to improve efficiency by examining every step of the construction and procurement process. By designing-out unnecessary technical complexity, waste and cost from the outset we can deliver better, more cost and environmentally effective buildings time and time again.

Sustainability needs to be embedded in the DNA of all buildings with the built environment and if applied appropriately at the outset the benefits need not cost the earth. In fact the cost cab be reduced significantly. See related topics "Our Green Credentials" above.