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How many buildings have been completed using the 'approach'?

Over 50,000 homes have been built in North America using the approach based on Dr Avi Friedman's research. Over 3,000 units of accommodation have been delivered in the UK to date.

Why don't other companies copy your approach?

Many companies have alternative approaches to delivering sustainable buildings but they cost more and are often inconsistent in there performance and delivery. We don't hide our methods or our intellectual property as we prefer to spend our time continually improving upon the outcomes the Eco-Res approach can offer.

Is Eco-Res Limited a timber frame or modular accommodation manufacturer?

No. Eco-res is an integrated design and project procurement consultancy specialising in the design and construction of sustainable and affordable buildings to the highest standards. We do not manufacture any products directly. Albeit our designs use modular principles and components each building is unique and tailored to our clients needs. This allows us to source our products at anytime through a national network of existing manaufacturers to our specifications and at the best prices.

Does Eco-Res only use timber frames?

No. The approach works for any construction method but timber is the most sustainable material that is readily available.

Are there any problems regarding insuring or mortgaging the buildings?

There are no peculiar restrictions as the construction methods are deemed to be 'traditional'. However, there are requirements during the construction phase which need to understood and adhered to and therefore require expertise which is backed by hands on experience. Otherwise costly mistakes can be made during the design process.

Does Eco-Res design and procure student accommodation only?

We design and procure housing both public and private, aswell as hotels, keyworker housing and accommodation, care homes, extracare homes, doctors surgeries, private and community clinics, community hospitals, offices, nurseries and school facilities.

Can you provide a design/build service?

Yes. We can provide a turnkey package on land owned by a client subject to the usual commercial considerations and conditions. Our cots are typiaclly 15/20% lower than our competitors.

Do you just design buildings for clients?

We do, on occasion, design schemes for planning submission only. On these occassions our client may be seeking to sell the site with  the benfit of a beneficial planning consent. In realising our proposals for the site, we would seek to be novoted with the land to the new owners.

Do you have access to and include all types of consultants within your remit and fee?

We include all principal design and project management consultancy services. A list of the services and exclusions is available together with a Scope of Services.

What level of Professional Indemnity Insurance do you carry?

We carry £10,000,000 for each and every claim. All our subcontracted consultants also provide their own insurance cover and will enter into industry standard collateral warranties where required.

What is the cost of providing the Eco-Res services?

Our fee is 10% of the Total Construction Cost. Given that we can typically reduce the Total Construction Cost by 15 - 20% and our fee is based on the lower TCC our fee is equivalent to 8 - 8.5% when compared with other multi-disciplinary consultant teams. 

Do you find sites and opportunities for investors to develop?

Yes. We have access to off-market sites and alliances with landowners, agents and developers in all areas in the UK.

Can you carry out project apprasials?

We do have internal development models which can be used to identify appropriate levels of return on capital and land values. These are for guide/viability purposes only. We can recommend specialist experienced agents for detailed financial models and advice.

What are "Sustainable by Design" developments?

Sustainable by Design developments are those which meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability brings together sound economic practices, awareness of social issues and environmental responsibility. Therefore planning, design and construction processes have been adopted which ensure;

  • Reduced consumption of renewable resources
  • Recycling of non-renewable resources
  • Significant reduction in the energy and raw material content of a building
  • Improved energy efficiency

Is the 'Eco-Res' approach tried and tested?

Our approach to genuine sustainable design and living is based upon the tried and tested principles of ‘Whole System Thinking’ and ‘Lean Design’. Achieving a truly low energy building is not easy. Above all It needs commitment to the principles of Sustainability by Design and an exceptional attention to detail. Many low/zero carbon buildings inevitably fail because they rely on complex construction methods and technologies. We continually strive to deliver simple elegant solutions which are easy to construct, control and maintain and have been proven to work – they are ‘resilient’.

Has the approach been recognised?

Yes. The approach has consistantly resulted in lower construction and revenue costs as is evidenced by contracts carried out over the last 6 years and the many awards the projects have received - See 'Accolades and Awards'.

What is "Whole System Thinking"?

‘Whole system thinking’ is a framework that is based on the belief that the component parts of a system can best be understood in the context of relationships with each other and with other systems/methods, rather than in isolation.

Our ‘whole system thinking’ approach means working to find natural solutions which reduce our dependence on energy-intensive systems. In so doing we consider long term governance, management and operations in conjunction with energy and energy generation, water recycling, pollution and waste management, material use and construction methods. At the same time we take into account land use, ecology and food production, the transport strategy and crucially the health and wellbeing of future occupiers.

Eco Res ensure that every detail of the construction and procurement processe has been considered, determined and simplified - the devil is in the detail and we now have over 30 years of practical experience. This experience produces effective community/stakeholder engagement and collaboration delivering flexible buildings which can expand, contract or adapt to meet the changing needs of a modern community. This whole system approach creates a distinctive and dynamic sense of place, ‘walkable’ communities which are fully integrated with public transport infrastructures and enables a mixed land use which plays an important part in microclimate control, maximising biodiversity and enhancing the natural environment.

What is Lean Design?

Eco-Res adopts a systematic approach to designing out waste and improving efficiency. We optimise the whole system and count all the benefits, enabling us to break through cost barriers and deliver more with less. It also means incorporating cost effective and proven renewable energy technologies where appropriate.