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Our Green Credentials

At Eco-Res we are justifiably proud of our “green credentials”. We have worked long and hard to arrive at the point where we can say that all the built environments we are engaged in will truly be “Sustainable by Design”. 

Our particular definition of sustainability brings together sound economic practices, awareness of social issues, and environmental responsibility. Yet, we are not green evangelists - we do not need to be because with our unique approach sustainability comes as standard with no additional cost.

Through Eco-Res, taking the ethical option has no negative impact on either your design aspirations or your capital cost but it will have a positive impact on your investment value and the overall return on investment (ROI). In fact our projects typically meet, and in some areas exceed, institutional investment standards whilst producing exceptional returns. They are cheaper, simpler and quicker to build, use only high quality, tested products and materials, are well designed and adaptable to alternative future uses, and improve the occupants wellbeing. These factors make our solution ideal for residential accommodation such as student accommodation, hotels, hospitals and care homes. 

Our buildings' life expectancy is also as least as long as other more 'traditional' forms of construction and is approved by insurance companies and the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

The mythical "Magic Bullet"

Our holistic approach is borne of doing lots and lots of little things very well. "There is no magic bullet". Just experience and commitment to getting it right first time. Constant attention to detail coupled with the application of lessons learnt ensures that all our future schemes benefit not only from the heritage of our approach but also from continuous progressive improvement.

Intelligent use of sustainable materials, together with the use of appropriate technology allied with the off-site manufacture of components in controlled conditions, are some of the key ingredients in achieving a truly sustainable building. However the keystone to our success has been the use of process engineering and lean design techniques from Japan and North America. We have harnessed over 25 years of detailed research and development work by the world authority on affordable, sustainable and adaptable building techniques and processes and adapted them to the British market and context. The most expensive and wasteful elements in the building process are the costs of labour and time - not the cost of materials. Our approach addresses these issues head on by reducing typical build programmes by as much as 40% through reducing expensive skilled labour and wet trade content carried out on site.