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Private Developers

As a private developer we recognise your desire to control costs whilst producing a quality product with above average returns. A partnership with Eco-Res will deliver;

  1. Developments which meet and in some areas exceed International Development Investment Standards.
  2. Construction costs that are 15 - 20% less and a building that can be erected in approximately half the time.
  3. Buildings that are flexible and modular allowing easy adaptation to meet changing uses, needs, demographic and market demands both during and after construction.
  4. Developments that are highly sustainable and very energy efficient so reducing the cost of running and maintaining the buildings.
  5. Homes built to Code 5 or Code 6.
  6. A healthier environment with reduced sound transference and improved air quality with combined whole house ventilation and heat recovery system.
  7. A reliable and proven ‘low tech’ solution.
  8. Buildings using ‘state of the art’ off-site manufacturing techniques resulting in improved accuracy, quality and on-site health and safety.
  9. Construction processes which improve worker performance and effectiveness leading to fewer defects and increased quality.
  10. Reduced labour costs and material waste.
  11. Developments that require less skilled labour on-site and can support self-build and self-fit options, creating local training and employment opportunities.
  12. Greater densities thereby lowering land costs.
  13. Higher returns on investment.
  14. A future proofed investment by reducing development and long term revenue financing risks.
  15. A new sense of place and a unique identity – see creating a “Resilient and Sustainable Humane Community”.
  16. A high standard of finish and quality of design that has been multi award winning.