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As an investor, we recognise that you are operating in a climate of unprecedented economic volatility and within a risk adverse environment. Eco-Res has therefore developed an exciting range of accommodation options within the higher education and residential markets which are carbon neutral, affordable and flexible which;

  1. cost 15 - 20% less to construct and erected in approximately half the time leading to higher returns.
  2. are adaptable and modular allowing easy adaptation to meet changing uses, needs, demographic and market demands both during and after construction.
  3. are sustainable and very energy efficient reducing the cost of running and maintaining the development over its life.
  4. use off-site manufacture resulting in improved accuracy, quality and on-site health and safety.
  5. use construction processes which improve worker performance and effectiveness leading to fewer defects and increased quality.
  6. minimise labour costs and reduced material waste.
  7. can create greater densities so lowering land costs.
  8. produces higher returns on investments
  9. future proofs the investments by reducing development and long term revenue financing risks.