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Higher Education

The design and quality that Eco-Res is able to incorporate into its student accommodation enhances the sustainable living and learning experience which compliment in a pragmatic way the academic facilities available for students during their time at university to optimum effect.

In effect, it allows the university to promote itself via the overall learning experience to be gained at the institution through having outstanding sustainable living accommodation linked to its education provision. To be able to do this both sustainably and affordably, with award winning accommodation, imparts to universities a commercial advantage in the increasingly competitive market of atracting students from the UK and overseas by the provision of first class facilities for learning and living.

Our work with universities has identified their genuine desire to provide accommodation that is “future proofed”, inspirational, social and above all to produce accommodation which is ethically and environmentally responsible. With Eco-Res your project will have:

  1. Sustainable as standard. Since our approach is built on the very principles of sustainability you can be assured that there will be no expensive add-ons to ensure the build meets your exacting requirements.
  2. Been built on 25 years of academic research backed up by decades of practical industry “know-how”.
  3. Options to create local employment and training opportunities.
  4. The benefit of knowing that the approach has received numerous BREEAM awards for excellence.
  5. Accommodation that is adaptable throughout its life to changing demands. For example, undergraduate/post graduate; single bed with or without ensuite or studio apartments. These are just some of the numerous permutations that can be done using the innovative construction methods behind the Eco-Res concept due to an absence of internal load-bearing walls and whole floor and wall service ducting.
  6. A proven approach creating vibrant socially integrated communities.
  7. Developments that are sustainable and very energy efficient - reducing the cost of running and maintaining the buildings.
  8. A healthier environment with reduced sound transference and improved air quality with our combined whole house ventilation and heat recovery system.
  9. A reliable and proven ‘low tech’ solution.
  10. Buildings using ‘state of the art’ off-site manufacturing techniques resulting in improved accuracy, quality and on-site health and safety.
  11. Construction processes which improve worker performance and effectiveness leading to fewer defects and increased quality.
  12. Reduced labour costs and material waste.
  13. Greater densities thereby lowering land costs.
  14. A future proofed investment by reducing development and long term revenue financing risks.