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About Us

As an occupier, developer, landowner or investor you need the assurance that, as impeccable as our green credentials may be, we have at the heart of our relationship with you your desire for affordability, value for money, cost and waste reduction, speed of build and premium quality.

The "client benefits" link above offers you a brief insight into the way in which your project can benefit from our unique approach to design and procurement. An approach that has been perfected following 25 years of internationally acclaimed research and backed by the delivery of over 50,000 homes in the US and Canada.

The Eco-Res approach has benefitted greatly from the exhaustive research and input of United Nations “Habitat” award winner Dr Avi Friedman of McGill University, Canada over a 25 year period. Even Dr Friedman concedes “Delivering genuine and affordable sustainability isn't easy” – we just make it look that way!

Eco-Res subscribes to a process of “Lean Design” – a systematic approach to designing out waste and improving efficiency. By fully integrating the design and construction systems and processes and optimising the opportunity for off-site procurement, we are able to maximise the benefits for sustainable and resilient living. Whilst at the same time avoiding the world of outmoded conventional design and the cost barriers of our competitors. Put simply, we deliver more for less.

As a client you can be reassured by our comprehensive holistic approach to 'Whole Project Managemen't that has consistently delivered proven results time and time again. Our project teams have many years of real hands on practical experience and a shared understanding with Dr Friedman that “the devil is in the detail”.