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The Eco-Res Advantage


Eco-Res uses proven ground-breaking modern approaches to developing buildings that are appropriate to the needs of both owners and occupiers by delivering sustainable, affordable and adaptable buildings.

For many owners and occupiers in Britain, 'traditional' construction methods have continued to be expensive, both in capital and long term revenue terms, wasteful in materials and energy, slow to erect and inflexible. The British construction industry has all too often failed to make best use of labour saving practices brought about by the many advances in technology, engineering and the improvements in building materials and construction methods. This Country's competitors elsewhere in Europe and beyond have advanced at a far faster rate, which if left unmatched, will result in the further decline of our construction industry both here and abroad resulting in the loss of further jobs and skills.

As a brief overview some of the key elements to our “Sustainable by Design” approach are:

Effective Space Utilisation – our efficient plan types allow for reduction of materials. The plans are based on modular dimensions, building components are manufactured to match standard material sizes, which greatly speeds up the construction process whilst reducing material waste and ultimately land fill.

Energy and Resource Efficiency - the design process maximises site utilisation yet minimises external surfaces in the interest of energy efficiency whilst also minimising material use. The role of natural light is enhanced to reduce artificial lighting requirements and measures to reduce water consumption such as rainwater recycling are fitted as standard.

Sustainability and renewable materials – material choice in our designs is fundamental to reducing the carbon footprint. The BRE “Green Guide to Specification” informs the material choices which come from renewable sources. Where appropriate we re-use recycled construction materials. Timber framing is used in preference to other materials due to its low carbon properties where ever possible. 

Renewable Energy - buildings are created to be very highly insulated, and with an airtight envelope which results in very little energy use for space heating. In the case of PassivHaus standards no space heating is required. Only proven and tested forms of renewable energy which require no subsidy are used such as solar thermal.

Healthy Homes – specified materials are selected to be benign and healthy, no materials giving off VOCs (volatile organic compounds) would ever be incorporated. Our whole house mechanical heat recovery ventilation system provides a continuous supply of fresh air, tempered and filtered throughout the house to give a dust free, healthy environment.

Utility Monitoring – each property is fitted with a simple Building Management System (BMS) which constantly monitors and communicates utility use, in order to encourage responsible energy management.